Our Professional Development Workshops

Providing the context for high quality child-teacher interactions

  • MUSIC & MOVEMENT: explore and experience teaching practices utilizing music, song, and interpretive gesture
  • STEAM Curriculum :deepen the experience and understanding of the teacher’s role in quality instructional design enhancing SCIENCE, ECHNOLOGY,ENGINEERING, the ARTS, and MATHEMATICS in early childhood curriculum
  • ARTS in PROJECT BASED LEARNING: explore strategies constructing comprehensive high quality learning experiences
  • DUAL LANGUAGE SUPPORT IN PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: provides high quality approaches to dual language acquisition supporting (the context) for repeatable scenarios teachers can practice to enhance rich language, literacy, and print acquisition for all learners

Purple i am Services

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Training on a specific topic
3 hr (half day)
1 day (6 hr)
2 day (6 hr. each)
Sustained Professional Development
1 day training (6 hrs)
1 day practicum (6 hrs)
1 day follow up/ reflection (6 hrs)
3 days
4 days
5 days


Professional Unique Resources for Powerful Learning Experiences

Purple i am research-based trainings provide a high-level of engaged learing experiences.  The sessions are designed to support individualized training making professional development personally meaningful and enjoyable for all participants.
Our workshops emphasize process, dialogue, and discussion necessary to individualize understanding within a transformational process that identifies the need for fidelity and alignment to curriculum goals with an emphasis on individual approaches to personal teaching style.
The intentional design of these workshops are measured to help teachers identify latent skills and talents that can build and explore the depth and scope perhaps not previously identified through professional development training.
Purple i am workshops are reflective and transformational experiences; supporting the development of high-performance and developmentally appropriate practices that enhance creative and collaborative approaches motivating communities of the family, the child, and the professional early learning culture.