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Our professional development workshops provide the context for high quality child-teacher interactions in early childhood education.

Maria Teresa Ruiz Early Childhood Teacher Instructor

Maria Teresa Ruiz

Maria Teresa Ruiz

My first experience in the field of early childhood education began as a mother of four children. I initiated my journey as a Migrant Head Start Parent when my oldest son was three years old. Parenting reaffirmed to my amazement the value and importance of the child’s development in these early years.

I hold a Masters of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and a Child Development Graduate Certificate enhancing my understanding and seventeen years of practice in the field of early childhood education.

I have served in different capacities as an instructional Para-Professional and Lead Teacher for both Federal and State Preschool Programs. As a Child Development Specialist, I have supported professional development workshops disseminating evidenced-based research for high-quality program improvement. Some of the in-service workshops focused on intentional strategies supporting staff response to challenging behaviors; play-based approaches to language and literacy development, music and movement as an engaging developmental approach supporting curriculum outcomes for children with special needs, and the language acquisition of English and Dual Language Learners. For the last 3 years, I have been a CLASS™ reliable observer, and worked with public agency mentoring educators.

As a Child Development Specialist, I have presented at Early Childhood Education Conferences including the Society of Research in Child Development (2011), pre-service Professional Development Seminars, and in-service workshops for Head Start Programs, State Preschool Programs, and Family Child Care Home Providers.

As a co-founder of Purple i am, my work will focus on best practices to individualize powerful and unique learning approaches that support high quality early childhood education.


John Holanda Author Inventor Musician www.purpleiam.com

John Holanda

John Holanda

John has worked as an early childhood educator serving the needs of children and families for over twenty years. His introduction into early childhood education began with Montessori Certification through the University of California at Berkeley.

As an artist educator with a Master’s of Science in curriculum, instruction, and assessment, a Bachelor of Arts in liberal studies with a specialization in psychology; John has blended these areas of emphasis into a unique approach supporting professional development and ongoing education for parents, teachers, and all individuals interested in serving young children and families.

His doctoral thesis currently explores the ‘expressive arts’ in early childhood education and ‘social artistry’ as a means to empower and articulate creativity in the classroom and the professional learning community. His current interest includes an early childhood book on ‘The Power of Art in Early Childhood Education’ and an original series of musical CDs related to the work of early childhood educators. As an accomplished artist, John’s paintings have been awarded by the Central California Art League and professionally recognized by curators from the Oakland Museum of Art, The Los Angeles County Museum of Modern Art, The San Diego Museum of Modern Art, and The Art of California Magazine (1995).

As a Child Development Specialist and CLASS™ reliable observer, John has provided workshops and in-service trainings for parents, teachers, and staff in Head Start and State Preschool Programs. John works as a professional development specialist for early childhood education programs and is an adjunct Professor in Early Childhood Education at Modesto Junior College and Brandman University. As the founder of Purple i am, his experience, expertise, and passion for the work of early childhood practitioners strives to support creative and innovative approaches to professional development supporting best practices in serving young children and their families.