Purple i am Workshops as a Resource for Teachers


Early Childhood Educators Workshops as a Resource www.purpleiam.comPurple i am workshops integrate play-based learning into commonplace classroom experiences focusing on dialogical interactions to enhance quality instructional practice.  Our approach strives to utilize familiar activities and materials revisited with “new lenses.” We focus on developing instructional effectiveness applying innovative approaches to developmentally appropriate practice.


Our objectives include the support of individualized learning, parent engagement, and enhancing personal teaching style. With the use of intentional design and engaging hands-on scenarios teachers can playfully engage in teaching strategies supporting individualized learning of core content and process skills.


Through repeated “practice, scaffolding, and quality feedback” teachers can explore approaches to learning that support sustainable and measurable learning outcomes. These measures can be documented over time with the use of existing monitoring tools (i.e.; DRDP-sr, Head Start Early Learning Frameworks (ELF), the Preschool Child Observation Record (COR), Teaching Strategies Gold…) providing systematic assessment of young children’s knowledge and abilities in all areas of development.


Workshop Training

Early Childhood Teacher Workshops as a Resource www.purpleiam.comThe objective of the “hands-on play-based training” is to deepen the experience and understanding of Developmentally Appropriate Practices within Early Childhood Programs that serve children and families from birth to age 8. The workshops focus on play-base strategies and intentional design as a standardized approach coupled to enhance cognitive instruction, child-teacher interactions, and the foundational readiness for children’s continued school success. When Early Childhood Educators engage in active-play, they construct a deeper understanding of process and content knowledge enhancing their intentional use of materials and teaching strategies.


Following the workshop presentations teachers will be able to demonstrate learning approaches helping children to develop essential concepts, skills, and competencies in all learning domains. Utilizing a “less is more” approach to comprehensive Professional Development, our integrated workshops demonstrate how evidence-based strategies, video technology, and intentional design can be engineered to support “best practices” and early brain development coupled to children’s higher intellectual and academic achievement.


Workshop Objectives

1.  Teachers learn to create quality active play experiences for children and adults addressing foundational core curriculum.

2.  Teachers construct, implement, and evaluate innovative approaches that align teaching and learning experiences to core curriculum outcomes.

3.  Teacher’s strengthen their vision and approach with play-based experiences utilizing the power of “embedded curriculum.”