Testimonial from the CAPSLO staff

The “Purple I Am” Training was excellent. CAPSLO staff learned a great deal and plan to follow your suggestions. The material you distributed will be very helpful and our Center Supervisors will be sharing it with staff that was unable to attend. Below are some testimonies from our staff:

“I really enjoy the PURPLE I AM training; I learned new Math and Music Skills that we could use with the children and ways to implement this skills in the classroom. We had a Parent Meeting and our Teachers gave a presentation on what we had learned at this training. Parents were very impressed and we gave them ideas on how to use the activities at home with their children”-Maria Carmen Garcia, Center Supervisor Las Rosas center.

“It was a great experience and I really enjoyed everything I learned from this training. I learned the importance of playing with music, movement, and the arts. The song about counting bubbles was amazing because it was hands on experience. I think this was a very good training because the group was provided with a lot of good information to use as educators in the classroom. For example, enhancing instructional quality, support classroom organization, and continue supporting social-emotional competencies. I look forward for another opportunity to attend training similar to this one, Great Job Thank You.-Maria Graciano, Preschool Associate Teacher, Las Rosas center.

“I really enjoyed this training, I received a lot of information about how to use math in different activities. For example, the bubble activity was a good experience because we can implement math, and cognitive learning. Also, the songs about counting the bubbles help children expand their vocabulary. I also enjoyed doing the play-dough activity with the shapes. Overall all these activities are very important and are to be implemented in the classroom because they will help the children learn and develop their skills. We will be able to see the progress in the class observations, class domains, and DRDP’s.-Janeth Oropeza, Preschool Teacher, Las Rosas Center.

“I learned new ways to implement activities and how they help our children learn and develop their skills. Math was the main activity but it does not only help children learn about counting, adding or subtracting, but math activities help children learn about geometrical shape and sizes.-Rebeca Alvarado, Preschool Teacher, Las Rosas center

“This training was very helpful for all teachers in general. I learned about the importance of playing with music, movement, and arts. The song about counting bubbles was amazing because it was a hands on experience and math learning as well. The play dough activity with the shapes was very joyful for the children to do these activities in the classroom. I am very pleased to have attended this training.”– Socorro Ventura, Toddler Teacher, Las Rosas

“One of the things I learned at the PURPLE I AM training was the different ways of introducing Math to children. The activity with the toothpicks and clay was very educational. I made a simple bingo game based on that training.”-Benita Berumen, Preschool Teacher, Buenavista Center

“The training with PURPLE I AM was very fun and interesting. During this training I was given many ways to make Math fun and interesting. They explained how we should be intentional with our lessons. The activity with the bubbles and how we can make a math activity from it was great and my class enjoyed it. PURPLE I AM was great and I had lots of fun learning from them.”-Loana Lugo, Preschool Teacher, Sunset center.

“The PURPLE I AM training was very informative and I was able to learn new ways to improve my skills in the classroom. As a Teacher, I can show the children new and better ways to learn Math, Science, Social Skills, Language and Music. We combine and enforce the academic learning in young children. I hope we have more opportunities to assist trainings like PURPLE I AM so we can show new activities to our children and their families.”-Margarita Gonzales, Toddler Teacher, Buenavista Center.

“What I learned from PURPLE I AM training was how to do activity with play dough and toothpicks and at the same time make different shapes, like triangle and squares. Another thing that I was encouraged to do was to use open-ended questions with children. Finally, I learned how to use songs with children and count steps.”-Fernando Gomez, Preschool Associate Teacher, Buenavista Center.

“I enjoyed PURPLE I AM training because they showed us different activities that can be used to score more than one domain.”-Hilda Cazares, Preschool Teacher, Glenwood Center.

Thank you again for such an informative and pleasant training.